We began our year meeting new friends and greeting old ones. It has been great getting to everyone. Children often have different emotions about starting school for the first time. September began with addressing those emotions. Children were able to express how they were feeling and draw a picture to match those feelings titled "How I felt on my first day of school". I am happy to say that most children felt happy and excited! We read many books about the beginning days of Preschool.  We read "The Rainbow Fish". The children realized it was better to include everyone and share! Children then made their own Rainbow Fish.  We talked about how we are alike and different. We all have things in common and we have things that are very different about us. Children then made self-portraits . They came out great with many of the portraits having alot of detail. After a few weeks of getting acquainted with new friends children made pictures of  new friends and what they liked about their new friends.

Soon it was already October and we began to notice changes in the air and nature.  We made stained glass leaves  and tried to  figure out the riddle of the Little red house with no windows , no doors , a chimney on top and a star inside (answer: an apple) We got to taste test different kinds of apples and decide which ones we liked best. (Most children loved the red apples the most!) 

We started lots of pumpkin activities, counting pumpkin seeds, learning how a pumpkin grows and what is inside the pumpkin. We painted some cool pumpkin patches too! (Photos in the Photo Gallery)

We look forward to November where we will be talking about Friendship and Sharing. So many fun things we have planned!

Files coming soon.