Our son has been going to Kid Care for three years. Our daughter has gone their for 2 years and they love it!  My son is the little boy who has to touch everything and run around until he's ready to fall down.  They have sensory tables, a library, tons of cars and toys, a kitchen to make believe in and the program also brings in Spanish and Yoga during the week.  With all of that running around you can imagine my surprise when, as my son and I were reading Olivia at bedtime, he pointed at a painting in the book and said, "Jackson Pollock painted that."  They are doing something right at Kid Care.  And did I mention that it is extremely affordable. P. V.

We feel so lucky to have found Kid Care Preschool!  The flexible schedule allowed us to ease our son into a school routine and the things he's learned in the classroom have well-equipped him for Kindergarten.  At a recent Kindergarten orientation we were pleasantly surprised to see sample curriculum that mirrored what he's already learned at Kid Care-science experiments like "What floats?" to art history units that covered Jackson Pollock--plus the routine of circle time, center activities, and small group learning.  He now has a strong foundation for school, and we are grateful he received it in such a nurturing, supportive, FUN!, preschool.  Our daughter is still a couple years away from preschool but there's no doubt as to where we're sending her when she's ready! Leemarie

Kid Care Preschool has far exceeded our expectations. The teachers are all nurturing, fun and professional, and the director goes above and beyond to ensure that the children are all happy and comfortable in the school.

I have been impressed by the curriculum, including when my daughter educated us about Jackson Pollock , the body and wildlife. I would definitely recommend this preschool for anyone looking for a nurturing environment that focuses on learning through play. L.P.